Massage Modalities

Relaxing and soothing traditional massage. Restores balance to the mind and body.
30 min $40. 60 min $70. 90 min $100.

Sports Massage
Firmer pressure with stretching to invigorate targeted muscles and accelerate recovery.
30 min $50. 60 min $80. 90 min $110.

Deep Tissue
Applied with firmer pressure to benefit areas of pain and discomfort.
30 min $50. 60 min $80. 90 min $110.

Manipulates points on feet and hands that correspond to internal parts of the body.
30 min $40. 60 min $70.

Hot Stone
Using warm basalt stones, the heat will penetrate muscles to relax body and mind.
60 min $85. 90 min $115.

Pregnancy Massage
Nurturing massage for your body and baby. (For mother’s in 2nd and 3rd trimester.)
30 min $50. 60 min $80.

You deserve a healing, relaxing, stress-reducing massage

Cupping Therapy Services

Massage Cupping
Suction and pressure provided by the cups can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate nervous system.
30 min with cups only $40. Cups added to a massage session $20.

Additional Services


Stimulating Scalp

Chair Massage
$1.00 per min

Mindful Massage & Wellness

Kimberly Kuhns L.M.T. & Certified Cupping Therapist

31 E. Otterman St.
Greesburg, PA 15601

(724) 219-3896 | Or text/call (724) 825-2470

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